New Rolling Stones : Photos Unveiled in London Exhibition

New Rolling Stones. Get ready for a treat because previously unseen photos of the Rolling Stones are hitting the spotlight in London. These gems were snapped by none other than “Spanish Tony” Sanchez, who was tight with the band back in their wild days.

Lost and Found

You won’t believe it, but these photos were thought to be lost forever until they magically resurfaced. Spanish Tony was the man behind the lens, living and breathing the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle alongside the Stones. Now, these rare prints are making their debut, and they’re causing quite a stir.

“Elegantly Wasted” Exhibition

Mark your calendars because from February 28 to March 5, the J/M Gallery in London will be hosting the “Elegantly Wasted” exhibition. It’s your chance to see the Stones at their most decadent, captured through Tony’s unique perspective. Trust me, these shots are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Limited Edition Prints

But wait, there’s more! Limited edition prints will be up for grabs, so you can take home a piece of rock history. Bayliss Rare Books is the place to be if you want to snag one of these iconic shots. Owner Oliver Bayliss can’t contain his excitement, and neither can we!

Remembering Spanish Tony

Sadly, Spanish Tony is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on through these incredible photos. Known for his wild lifestyle and close ties to Keith Richards, Tony was a force to be reckoned with. From running a gambling den to cruising in a pimped-out Jaguar, he lived life to the fullest.

Rolling Stones Tour

In case you missed it, the Rolling Stones are hitting the road again! Their US and Canada tour kicks off in Houston on April 28 and wraps up in Santa Clara, California, on July 17. Get ready to rock out to all your favorite hits, plus some fresh tunes from their latest album.

“Hackney Diamonds”

Speaking of which, have you heard their latest album, “Hackney Diamonds”? It’s their first release in 18 years, and it’s been making waves since its drop last October. With 12 killer tracks, the album pays tribute to the Stones’ roots while keeping things fresh. And guess what? Drummer Charlie Watts, who passed away in 2021, still makes an appearance on two tracks recorded before his untimely death.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Stones fan or just love a bit of rock history, make sure to check out the “Elegantly Wasted” exhibition for a glimpse into the band’s legendary past.